Thursday, August 18, 2005

Zebra Tree

The contrast here is cool. Looks like a zebra's stripes to me. Really, just a nice photo.

The Tree in Winter

Here's that tree I love. This is the winter version. Still so perfect...


Ok, I like fields. I love the repeating pattern of them and how they flow so beautifully. This is a nice wheat field in Indiana.

Salem Pond

This is a little part of Salem Pond that exists behind a small section of housing in Salem, Utah.

Pink Spot

Wow, I am soooo sad that I didn't havea telephoto lense here. You can barely see the bright pink jacket on the lady in the distance. It was such an awesome sight. I wish I could have captured it better.

Urban Sunset

This sunset just 'occurred' without much warning. I was caught in the middle of a mall parking lot. I was so disappointed with where I was at the moment. Then I saw this photo and felt lucky to have gotten it. The parking lot light stands there dwarfed by the gorgeous and powerful sunset. Glad to have the reminder from nature of how nothing we can really be sometimes.

Doves on Ice

I thought these big ice crystals looked really cool on this frozen ditch. Don't they look like little frozen doves?!

The Golden Arch

Well, it's not McDonalds. It's better. Southern Utah has a bunch of great arches like this one.

Electric Frost

The frost on the lines sure shows up great in front of such a dark background. Kind of interesting how electicity also allows us to keep on seeing when it is dark.


Here is another cattail. I love how it looks like frosting that you can eat.

Island in the Sky

Mt. Timpanogos in Utah is a truly majestic mountain. It is our 'mt. olympus.' Days like this make you understand how the Greeks thought the Gods would live on top of such a place.

Cotton Candy

This looks, to me, like cotton candy. I love the contrast.

The Flats

This is a very flat and very large corn field in North Central Indiana. I lived about 1 mile from this field when I was a Junior in High School. This is what the field looks like on a cloudy, spring day. Amazing how a few months will soon turn this whole flat area of browns and gray, to blue skies and tall hills of green corn.

Inside Out

This is a picture of a beautiful cattail along a roadside. I have always loved cattails since I was a little boy in Nebraska. At the end of summer, they split open and look all inside out.